Bentley Orange Turquoise Cuff

Bentley Orange Turquoise Cuff | CRASH Jewelry

$ 495.00


This stunning one-of-a-kind cuff is derived from the metal of Bentley Gran Turismo painted a rich gray color. We gently formed the cuff in order to preserve the factory finish, and attached a hand fabricated 'floating' bezel in sterling silver. The bezel is attached via rivets to two strips of stainless steel taken from the wheel cover of a Mercedes G-550. The entire structure is then affixed to the ends of the cuff with rivets. We engineered this setting so that the large center stone would be extra secure when the cuff itself is flexed.

The large oval stone is orange Mohave turquoise, heat treated to obtain such an unusual and bright color. Silver colored veins run throughout the stone, thus enhancing the gray Bentley paint.

Taking car metal and turning it into beautiful jewelry is no easy task. Our artists spend a lot of time ensuring that each CRASH item meets our high standards for quality and design.

Inside the cuff is a laser-engraved CRASH tag and the name of the car it came from. All CRASH jewelry is one-of-a-kind and handmade in our studio based in a body shop in Los Angeles. Your order will arrive in custom CRASH packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity.  6″ in length, 1 1/4" wide.

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