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Recently CRASH Jewelry collaborated with the Feral Cat Caretakers' Coalition and created this cuff for a change in order to recognize and support their compassionate efforts. When you purchase an adorable Feral Cat Cuff, CRASH will donate a portion from every sale to the FCCC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Our Cat Cuffs are made from a red, blue or black Tesla Model S and a white Porsche Carrera. Animal paws of varying shapes and sizes are engraved into the actual car paint and at the end of each cuff we've etched a sweet cat face and a tail. (We've even depicted a nipped ear which indicates that a feral cat has been sterilized and vaccinated.) Every time you turn your wrist over you get a secret glimpse of this little guy. We can also engrave your favorite pet's name on the inside of the cuff or a message of your choice.

Select from a red, blue or black Tesla or a white Porsche and message us if you have any questions.

Taking car metal and turning it into beautiful jewelry is no easy task. Our artists spend a lot of time ensuring that each CRASH item meets our high standards for quality and design. 

Inside the cuff is a laser-engraved CRASH tag and the name of the car it came from. All CRASH jewelry is one-of-a-kind and handmade in our studio based in a body shop in Los Angeles. Your order will arrive in custom CRASH packaging with a certificate of authenticity. 1 1/4" wide.

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Sizing Information

How do I know what size Cuff to order?

Use a soft tape measure or our printable sizing tool and wrap it tightly around your wrist. Note the measurement in inches or mm and subtract 1/2" for the opening gap. Please include this information in the 'notes' section when you checkout. If this is a gift please send us an email and we'll help you figure it out. Please use our drop-down menu to select size:
small (5-6"),
medium (6-7")
large (7-8")
x-large (8-9")

For an instructional video on how to measure for a cuff go here.

How do I put on my CRASH cuff?

 I know this seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many times we've seen people try to put on cuffs in a variety of creative ways. Since we are visual learners here is a diagram that explains it quite well. NEVER squeeze the cuff so tightly that rivets may pop. 

For an instructional video on how to put on a cuff go here.

How do I know what size Bangle to order?

STEP 1: Close your fingers together and bring your thumb to your little finger (as pictured). Pretend that you were putting on a bangle.

STEP 2: Wrap a tape measure or our printable tool around your hand at the widest point. This is the circumference of your hand.

STEP 3: Compare your hand circumference to the chart below. Purchase a bangle with a circumference that is similar to your measurements. Never size down, e.g., if your hand circumference is 7 1/2" order a medium or 8". 


7" Small

8" Medium

9" Large

10" X-Large

For an instructional video on how to measure for a CRASH bangle go here.