Maybach Cuff and Lamborghini Dog Tag Bundle

Maybach Cuff and Lamborghini Dog Tag Bundle

$ 209.00 $ 244.00

Cuff Size

Typically these high end items would be $244.00 together, but save big when you purchase our Maybach and Lamborghini Bundle.

Slender and elegant, our Maybach cuff is engraved with high tech laser technology that cuts through the original black factory paint to expose the shiny aluminum metal underneath. Our contemporary design can be worn by men or women, and looks great stacked with other bracelets.

Our CRASH dog tag necklaces look great on everyone. This particular one is made from a sexy black Lamborghini Gallardo. We carefully cut, sanded, and polished a piece of the Lambo metal and riveted it onto a thick, shiny, stainless steel rectangular dog tag. Our laser engraved CRASH tag hangs next to and behind the dog tag on stainless steel ball chain.

Taking car metal and turning it into beautiful jewelry is no easy task. Our artists spend a lot of time ensuring that each CRASH item meets our high standards for quality and design.  

We've engraved the name of the car inside the cuff, as well as the date it was made. All CRASH jewelry is one-of-a-kind and handmade in our studio based in a body shop in Los Angeles. Your order will arrive in custom CRASH packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

Cuff: 3/4" wide, size small, medium, and large.

Dog Tag: 22" long, 42 mm x 24 mm, 18 gauge.


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