Mini Cooper Oval Earrings

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We sourced sheet metal from the door of a new Mini Cooper painted a stunning color called Kite Blue, and carefully cut small freeform oval shapes using a straight shear. In order to achieve the correct shape, we had to repeatedly grind and sand until the shape was just right. This takes quite some time, but the result is worth it. We then placed the sparkly green shapes into gold plated bezel settings. Prongs are pushed down around the four corners so that the BMW aluminum 'stone' stays firmly in place. 

Taking car metal and turning it into beautiful jewelry is no easy task. Our artists spend a lot of time ensuring that each CRASH item meets our high standards for quality and design. 

Your order will arrive in custom CRASH packaging with a certificate of authenticity that lists the name of the car that your earrings came from. In addition, the name of the car and the date it was made is engraved on the backside of the Mini Cooper freeform oval. approx. 1" long. Gold-filled ear wires.