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CRASH Jewelry is based in Los Angeles and specializes in creating sustainable cuffs, bangles, earrings, necklaces and accessories from the metal of luxury automobiles. Christi Schimpke, the founder of CRASH Jewelry, was inspired to create custom jewelry from cars when she moved her studio into her husband’s body shop that works exclusively on collision repairs for late-model Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and other vehicles.

The vision for CRASH materialized when Schimpke was working in her garage studio as a silversmith. During breaks from her work, she noticed the gorgeous cars that arrived at the shop for repair. The jewel-like sheen of the luxury paint and chrome finishes fascinated Schimpke, and, inspired, she imagined jewelry emerging from the pieces of discarded metal. After months of experimentation, Schimpke discovered her own unique process of cutting, bending, and sanding the scrap metal, and CRASH Jewelry started to take shape.

Initially, it surprises people that such a beautiful cuff or necklace can be made from the hood, door, or quarter panel of a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. Upon learning its origin, everyone smiles in disbelief and wants to learn more about the process. We’ve developed manual techniques that allow us to manipulate steel and aluminum, yet preserve the car’s original paint. The end result is a one-of-kind masterpiece.

CRASH has a broad and diverse demographic. Our distinctive pieces appeal to the eco-centric, car enthusiasts, fashionistas, artisanal crafters, and those who simply enjoy a good story about something handmade. We take pride in our collection, and often embellish our creations with quality gemstones and cabochons. In this age of mass production, handmade craftsmanship seems to be a thing of the past, which is what makes CRASH Jewelry so special.

CRASH is committed to staying green by repurposing discarded metal that might otherwise find its way into a landfill. We also donate a portion of every sale to multiple charities of your choice, and love to participate in fund-raising events such as animal rescue, free legal aid, education, and hospice throughout the year.

Since day one in 2013, our sales have increased by 400% and our inventory has grown from 30 to over 100 items. CRASH has been featured in several publications, radio and television programs, and on the runway -- simply because of popularity and sincere interest.

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