The Lexus Experiment

Christi Schimpke

Posted on February 21 2016

Recently a friend brought her Lexus into the shop for repairs. She'd been in a minor accident (not her fault) and needed the left-rear quarter panel replaced. During this time she contacted me and asked if I might be able to make something for her from the cast-off quarter panel metal. Since this was my first time using metal from a Lexus, I said yes, but on the condition that the paint held up.

She came to my studio and we decided on a beautiful design and a lovely rainbow druzy stone that complimented the icy blue color of her Lexus. At first I was a little apprehensive about the paint. Would it be too brittle and crack? What did the primer look like underneath? Fortunately, the paint held up like a trooper as you can see from the end result. 

Here's a pictorial of the process. I think my husband did a great job too!

Before photo showing the damaged area.

Voilà! After repairs.

Saving the best for last! The finished cuff.

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