The Bernie Cuff

Christi Schimpke

Posted on March 08 2017

Last month we had the surprise of our lives when we were at a show in downtown Los Angeles. CRASH had just set up for the event when we noticed a few black SUVs pulling to the curb. Several Secret Service men got out and surveyed the area, and then Bernie and Jane Sanders emerged from their car. 

In May we designed and made a cuff that featured Bernie's famous logo (his hair and glasses) from the metal of a bright blue Tesla. My designer, Carolina, is a huge fan of Bernie's so when he appeared at our booth, she ran to get her 'Bernie' Cuff. Then she approached Bernie, only to be fended off by the Secret Service guys. Suddenly Jane Sanders spies Carolina and brings her over. Carolina presented the cuff to Bernie who promptly gave it to Jane. She loved it and it fit perfectly! 

As if that wasn't enough excitement, we noticed that Jane wore her 'Bernie' Cuff during the California Primary Speech in Santa Monica. Below are photos of the cuff and the video footage taken downtown. 


The Bernie Cuff made from a blue Tesla

Jane wearing her Bernie Cuff the night of the California Primary.



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