What comes with my CRASH Jewelry purchase?

We wrap every CRASH Jewelry item in a soft muslin cotton bag, organza sheer bag, or silky satin bag which is then placed inside a black satin finish or recycled kraft jewelry box with our logo stamped in gold foil. Every item comes with a CRASH Certificate of Authenticity that explains which car your jewelry came from, the date it was made, who made it, and a notes section for additional details. 

How do I care for my CRASH Jewelry?

The easiest way to care for your CRASH Jewelry is to clean with car polish or detail spray. Use a soft cloth with a dollop of liquid car polish and rub gently. You can polish the entire piece including any metals that have been used as embellishments, e.g., brass, stainless steel, silver or gold. Do not use car polish on gemstones or minerals.

My CRASH Cuff/Earring/Necklace is scratched!

Well, yes, that is often the case. Every item of jewelry we make comes from cars that have been in minor accidents. Sometimes there are scratches or dings in the metal. We polish as much as we can but every so often there is nothing to be done. If this type of thing bothers you then we suggest not purchasing a CRASH jewelry piece. 

Was anyone hurt?

No, we only use metal from cars that have been in slight fender-benders.

 Can I customize my order?

Absolutely! If you are partial to a particular car or color, simply send us an email and we will try to accommodate you.