Bentley Kite Earrings

Bentley Kite Earrings

$ 75.00


These earrings are made from the metal of a Bentley Continental in Beluga Black. With a straight bench shear, we cut pieces of the Bentley aluminum metal in the outline of a 'kite.' Carefully, we sanded and polished the small pieces until they were the perfect shape to fit into metal frames. Although the settings have prongs, we wanted to ensure that the Bentley metal was secure. After drilling four small holes into the metal, we ran silver wire through the holes and around the prongs which was then secured in the back.

We engraved the name of the car it was made from on the earring backside, as well as the date it was created. All CRASH jewelry is one-of-a-kind and handmade in our studio based in a body shop in Los Angeles. Your order will arrive in custom CRASH packaging with a certificate of authenticity. 1.5" long, sterling silver ear wires, metal alloy frames. Very lightweight.

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