Deconstructed BMW Heart Necklace

$ 150.00 
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Our Deconstructed Heart Necklace is made from the aluminum metal of a BMW M5 Competition in Marina Bay Blue and offers a unique take on traditional heart pendants.

Using a straight bench shear we carefully cut a heart from the BMW metal. After cleaning, sanding, and polishing, we cut the BMW heart in half. Then we ground away the original factory blue paint from the edges of each heart half, drilled holes, and riveted these pieces onto a stripe of stainless steel sourced from the wheel surround of a Mercedes-Benz G550. Last, we suspended the heart from an Italian bead cut chain in sterling silver.

Trying to cut out heart shapes using an 8" straight shear is no easy task! Our artists spend a lot of time ensuring that each CRASH item meets our high standards for quality and design. On the backside of the necklace, we will engrave the name of the car/s that your hearts came from. And, your order will arrive in custom CRASH packaging with a Registration Card. 18" in length, heart 1.5" wide.